First, the History lesson.  I owned 4-4-2 Oldsmobiles most of my life.  Rare ones, national show winners etc.  It was time for a change.  I sold my two Oldsmobiles including my once pride and joy,  1970 4-4-2 convertible 4-speed big block.  I bought a 1993 Corvette Convertible with 11,000 miles on it in March of 1996.  I thought this is what I needed.  A friend was in a Corvette club and they did a lot of social Corvette things.  I bought the Vette with no intentions of modifing it.  Yeah OK, within a week the rear was out, then I did the trans (auto), then roller rockers and then the Vortech SuperCharger.  I put on a set of Fiske wheels and thought all was good.  It was fast but it still didn't feel like a muscle car or sound like one. 

Then at one of the local cruise hangouts in comes a Monte SS with a fairly healthy small block.  I started thinking, that car would be awesome with a 502/502.  But I would have to find a real clean car to start with.  ON July 22, 1998 I bought an 1988 Monte SS with 8,800 miles on it.  It was mint to say the least.  That 305 had to go, as hard as it was to pull a low milage car apart.  So in went the 502/502 with a bunch of other stuff.  I haven't regretted it for a second.  I have had a lot of cars and this is by far the best one that I've had.  I hope my story and pictures inspire other people to do what I did.  The car was meant to have horse power and torqe.  Chevy didn't do it, so we have to. The car just turned 11,000 miles.  1,500 with the new motor and not a single problem.
The Crusher